Colorado Fuel Tracking System (COFTS)
Electronic Trading Partner Agreement
To file a monthly Colorado motor fuel tax return or report electronically, a Colorado motor fuel licensee must have a signed trading partner agreement on file with the Colorado Fuel Tracking System (COFTS). Specify your company name and contact information below. Electronic acknowledgements of received motor fuel tax returns and reports will be sent to the specified email address. Please print!
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Company Name Colorado Motor Fuel License (Department Use Only)
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Name Phone
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Email Address Fax
Each trading partner has a private, restricted area within COFTS,, which is accessed by logging in with a username and password. You may specify a username and password in the fields below (at most fifteen characters, letters and digits only) or leave the fields blank and COFTS staff will select a username and password for you. Your username and password are case insensitive.
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Username (optional) Password (optional)
Each trading partner has an additional password that together with the trading partner’s Federal Employer Id Number (FEIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) acts as the trading partner’s signature in a monthly motor fuel tax return or report. COFTS staff will select a ten-character, case-insensitive signature password for you.
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Signature Password (leave blank)
If you are planning to use a Value Added Network (VAN) to transmit your monthly motor fuel return or report to COFTS in the form of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data, please specify your VAN information in the following fields. Trading partners who plan to transmit EDI data should reference the COFTS EDI Implementation Guide on the COFTS web site.
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VAN Name (optional) VAN Address Id (optional)
I understand that by completing this agreement I will be able to file my monthly Colorado motor fuel tax return and report electronically through COFTS. However, I am still responsible for remitting any tax due to the Colorado Department of Revenue.
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Authorized Signature Date
Submit this form with your Fuel Distributor License application packet. A copy of this form will be returned to you after the Department and COFTS staff has completed the necessary fields and recorded the information."