How To File
     The COFTS provides electronic mechanisms for submitting Excel- and EDI-based filings by web upload. EDI-based filings can also be transmitted via a VAN (Value Added Network). For information on sending an EDI-based filing via a VAN, contact the tracking center. Filings created via Web Entry! are submitted via the mechanism built into Web Entry! itself.
     To upload your Excel-based or EDI-based filing via the web, use the web site username and password from your trading partner agreement to log in to your personal area of this web site, click on Web Upload, and follow the instructions. You will receive a notice that the file was "uploaded successfully". (This does not mean that your file was accepted. See below)

Notice Of Receipt
     Once your return has been received and processed, you will be sent either an accepted or rejected email from the automated If you do not receive the notice within an hour, you may also determine if your file was accepted by logging in to your account on the Fuel Tracking website. All past filings for your entity are available online. Only those files that are received AND accepted by the Fuel Tracking System will be posted to your account. If you do not see that the file was posted to your account, please contact the tracking center helpdesk for further assistance.
Late Filing!
     Distributor reports are considered late if they have not been accepted by the Fuel Tracking System by 12PM MST (midnight) on the due date. Penalties and interest may be assessed if either the report or the remittance is late. Contact your Tax Examiner at the Colorado Department of Revenue if the report is not going to be filed timely.
Note: The Fuel Tracking System provides the Excel-Check program (XLS-Check) and the EDI-Check program to increase the probability that filings are error-free before transmitting to the COFTS. An "Accepted" result from one of these checks is just a summary, as there are additional error checks that are performed on files once they are processed by the Fuel Tracking System. (Please ensure that you receive an "Accepted" email from the for the correct tax period.)
If you connect to the Internet via a dial-up connection, the act of submitting your filing could take several minutes. Please be patient and allow the transmission to complete.
How To Pay
Effective 7/1/05 all payments must be submitted by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This was effective with the July 2005 tax return due in August 2005. IF you have not already applied for an EFT account, you can find the form DR 5785 (Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer) at This is a requirement for all fuel distributors. Please ensure that filed reports and remittances match.
No Electricity?
If you cannot submit your filing via any of the electronic mechanisms, mail your Excel- or EDI-based filing on an IBM PC-compatible 3½" floppy disk or CD-ROM to the tracking center. Your submission will not be returned to you. The creation date of the file and the postmark on your filing will be utilized as the "received" date.

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