Carrier Spreadsheet Template
The COFTS provides a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet template free of charge that can be used to electronically file monthly DR 7003 carrier reports and DR 7006 schedules. This spreadsheet template can be downloaded to your computer in the form of a self-extracting executable file (112KB) which, when run, creates the spreadsheet template USCcr.xlt.
     By default, and if permitted, the self-extracting file will store the spreadsheet template into C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates where it will become accessible within Excel by a File:New menu selection. The template can, however, be saved to a different location, such as the Desktop (recommended), where double-clicking it creates a new spreadsheet.
     Although there are several ways to file a completed spreadsheet, filing by web upload is the easiest. Use XLS Check beforehand to reduce the likelihood that your filing will be rejected.
The COFTS accepts DR 7003 carrier report spreadsheets based on this COFTS-provided spreadsheet template only. It is the licensed carrier's responsibility to own or acquire a copy of either Microsoft® Excel 97 (SR-2), Excel 2000, or Excel 2002 (XP). To file electronically with the COFTS, a licensed carrier must have a signed trading partner agreement on file.

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